paper laminating machine | Why Fengchi GW series is pretty chased by end user and agent ?

paper laminating machine | Why Fengchi GW series is pretty chased by end user and agent ?

paper laminating machine | Why Fengchi GW series is pretty chased by end user and agent ?

Jan 03, 2023

1.How competitive is the machine in the market?
Fengchi laminating Machine is recognized as one of the most trusted brands in the laminating machine industry, and the R&D department is constantly trying to develop products and technological breakthroughs. We combine advanced technical skills with extensive domain expertise to enhance our machines' trouble-free and superior performance experience. Feng Chi has the fastest speed in the industry.    

While others are using 4000shees/h, we can support you to reach 20000sheets/h, Ultra-low failure rate, worry-free use.   Wide application for almost all kinds of bottom paper from G flute to 3ply/5ply/7ply and 10mm boardcard, upper paper from 120gsm paper to 700gsm paper. Low requirements on operator under full servo system( 5 servo motors) and full digital operating system. Help you win real competitiveness. 

Our sophisticated infrastructure, impeccable range, capabilities and timely delivery have won us huge customers across the country. Being a very brand trusted and famous name in paper corrugating machines and allied industries has been able to provide the most comprehensive range of machinery to all fields of related industries. We are glad announce that we have achieved the highest level to quality and assurance in since last 13 years.

The system automatically adjusts the amount of glue and the thickness of body paper, and displays them on the screen in digital form, to precisely control

It uses the latest pre stacking structure which supports not only manually pre stacking paper, but also pushing the whole sheet of paper directly, saving a lot of
The unique servo vacuum paper feeder applies for deformed, warped corrugated papers specially. And the 4 m wide paper feeding operating space makes the feeding of

Servo tracking system, apply to corrugated paper and paperboard,It uses servo tracking compensation system, to ensure the stability and high precision of the front gauge

2.Is it in line with market demand trends?
GW series has sold more than 800 units worldwide, and has not received a single customer complaint. Fengchi flute laminators Every Year exported more than 400 machines all over the world, 

And, Fengchi also surprise you with the details:
With a sincere attitude of cooperation, everything can be negotiated amicably
Under Any Circumstance, the whole company to coordinate with the fastest speed for your shipment
We provide On-site installation machine in the new sale area, a comprehensive service for you
One year warranty period. And there are some places we have agency who can take the after sales services for you. Like Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, etc. Depends on different machines.
pls contact with our sales team to get the machine sold area and check machine quality if possible. 

If you want to know the price of paper laminating machine, please contact us!