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We have exported 2000+ flute laminators over 10+ countries, we are looking for distributor and make long cooperation, be distributor now!

Be Distributor Now!

Part One: Before becoming a Fengchi distributor

First of all, you should have some knowledge about brand Fengchi and its products. Fengchi is a technology-oriented factory and quality is Fengchi's Bible. We aim to build a global sales network with stable and reliable supply chain.
Who can become a Fengchi distributor :
1、People with relevant packaging and printing machinery distribution and working experience.
2、People with certain capital and certain sales channels.
3、People who are willing to develop the market together with Fengchi.
Distributor review process
We will review your suitability to become a Fengchi distributor from a fair and transparent perspective. We will evaluate from the following :
1、Market positioning, market volume, working experience and pricing in your country.
2、Whether there are already distributor in your country. For the moment, except Korea we don’t set exclusive distributor in other area. We suggest to start from agent first and discuss with exclusive goal after sales volume review.
3、If you have enough confidence that you want to become a Fengchi distributor.

Part Two: After becoming a Fengchi distributor

After becoming a Fengchi distributor

Once Fengchi signs a distribution agreement with a distributor, you will benefit:

  • Fengchi treat every agent as our own sales team and do best to provide complete product training, marketing training, after-sales service
  • Development Prospects: from google data and data from other various platforms, it shows that automatic and full-servo flute laminator has taken the main stream in Asian countries, and the sales data from those areas have proven that the industry is healthy and market is in transition between semi-auto/manual to intelligent automatic generation.
  • Active Advertising Benefits: in China, 60% new customers are introduced by old partners. In Korea, Fengchi seize 60% market within 2 years.In Vietnam, sales doubled the first year after GW series launched to market.
  • Fengchi is one of very few manufacturers with spirit of products “Top new with quality”as we just focus on single category of paper flute laminator in past 13 years. Fengchi not just supply you moderate price, also have good after sell service to do a competition, we supply full solution as our proessional engineer and design team support you as your group.
  • Fengchi will provide marketing support for agents. In terms of producing marketing strategies, posters, pictures, and video marketing tools, we provide comprehensive assistance for dealers’ Facebook, YouTube, and other social media marketing, so that dealers can have lower operating costs and higher profits.
If you buy machine for your own company, not as an agent, you will also benefit:
  • Time-saving during job change, pre-stacking system can finish all adjustments within 3 mins for new job without stopping machine
  • No paper jam, no matter deformed or warped corrugated paper thanks for patened leading-edge feeding system
  • China highest laminating speed 175m/min(20,000sheet/hour) help you make more profit with same input
  • Less maintenance cost with automatic refuling system
  • High stability and low failure rate with double bearings and ultra big roller of 150mm diameter
  • Wide application for almost all kinds of bottom paper from G flute to 3ply/5ply/7ply and 10mm boardcard, upper paper from 120gsm paper to 700gsm paper.

Low requirements on operator under full servo system( 5 servo motors) and full digital operating system


Part Three: FAQ for becoming a distributor

1.How to protect distributor profits when place an order?
A: There are two suggested cooperation. One is distributor buy from Fengchi and resell at their cost. The other is Fengchi deal with end user directly with including distributor commission approved by contract/agreement.

2.How to protect distributor customers?
A.If you be Fengchi exclusive distributor in certain area, Fengchi will not respond to end user and forward all potential inquiry for distributor’s follow up. If you are agent at beginning, we will also not respond to customer list you provided and keep confidential to any other company or person. Our pricing and all kinds of support are same for each agent in same country.

3.How to garantee and deal with faulty?
A: Warranty time is one year since installation.  During the grarantee period, If it is quality problems not improper usage,Fengchi will compensate customers:

  • If only components problem, like switch damage or timing belt break, Fengchi will send good parts to customers immediately.
  • If the machine can’t work by replacing some parts, after video approval by technician, customer send back this machine to Fengchi for replacing a new one.
  • If the user find some problem which beyond the warranty period. Fengchi will provide new components or on-site repair with user’s cost. 

4.Who is in charge of installation and trainning?
A:General speaking, for the first machine, Fengchi is willing to assign sales representative and technican to complete installation and trainning at our cost. Due to the covid situation and visa application difficulity in different area, timing and feasibility need to be discussed case by case. No matter you were distributing other brands before or the first time for flute laminator business, you can finish it with our detailed SOP for installation&trainning including videos and drawing, like our first customer in Vietnam and Indonesia.

FAQ for becoming a distributor