How to use litho laminating machine to work?

litho laminating machine | How to laminate paper?

litho laminating machine | How to laminate paper?

Nov 03, 2022

The laminating paper might sound tricky sometimes, but it would be easy with the proper tools. Many questions arise in your mind, like what type of documents it is, which technique I should use, and all! With the increasing demand for in-store displays and decorative packaging methods, the need for laminating paper & laminator tools is also increasing. There are many techniques for laminate paper, but in recent times, the technique which is widely famous in the market is litho-laminating equipment. This equipment offers a fine-line performance with super finishing output. This blog will discuss laminating paper with litho-laminating equipment and the procedure here.

How much popularity does the litho-laminating equipment gain?
Laminating papers is widely approached for letters, crafts and in, photos, displays, and all. Everyone wants fine-line services with impressive results in this leading edge of technology. Considering users' needs, paper flute laminators or litho-laminating equipment has increased over time. This product is popular for creating & offering added value. The equipment has gained huge demand because of its stain-resistant and hassle-free procedure. In the below section, we will also make you aware of the features and benefits of this tool and the step-by-step procedure to follow.

The procedure of Litho-laminating paper laminate
In the paper flute laminator or litho-laminating process, the user creates a corrugated board, termed the high-quality printed litho surface. In this process, the top liner is coated with the paper fed from the printed sheets. During the process, the corrugated board is used as a carrier.

Laminating paper with litho-laminating is subdivided and distributed into multiple types: inline, offline, and sheet-to-sheet. Some litho-laminating tools are also used for producing sheeting & stand-alone corrugated production. The ability to determine the exact lining through a litho-laminating machine depends upon the exact configuration of units. A single line consists of a combination of 3 elements: wet end, delivery section, and laminating sections. 

Here the wet end element offers the single-face production of corrugated. Laminating section element is responsible for adhering to the printed papers' corrugated substrate. The third and last element is the delivery section. So, not every line of litho-laminating is featured with the wet end. Some sections might require additional processing units: sheeters, sheet feeders, centers lit units, rewinders & tear tape applicators.

Litho-laminating paper Process description
When it comes to wet end litho-laminator, it has the key element called single facer group. With this, the production of single-face corrugated is possible through the reels of liner and fluting papers. The single-face group is built up with a combination of hefty components, including splicers, conditioners, reel stands, preheaters, and the single corrugating facer. The single-facer corrugating is sometimes also termed the module facer. The modular facer aims to create the fluting and turn it into a linear formation.

In the later section, each of the laminating sections of the litho-laminator is combined and then corrugated to the substrate. It can be formed into the single facer inline and then supplied as the reel. Or it can be fed to the individual sheets through the printed top paper. 
This laminating tool also consists of the gluing unit where the adhesives are applied on the flute tips on the corrugated carrier on which the printed top paper is aligned! If the litho-laminate is delivered into the sheets, it should be suited to the required length.

Last but not least, if we talk about the delivery section of the litho laminator tool, the laminator tool board should be passed into the 2 drying stages that include a single sheet compression process. In this process, the sheets which need to be laminated should be pressed into the 2 conveyors with a belt press. This step is done to offer the final professional bonding. After that, the resulting litho-laminate is delivered to a stacker after determining whether it's a sheep or a web.

Litho laminating line types you should know:
So, overall, there are 3 litho-laminating lines loaded with different capabilities. The capabilities may vary depending on the exact configuration.
  • Inline litho-laminating line: This type is widely used for inline sheets. It also dominates the web or web-to-web lamination service and offline web-to-web laminating. This is predominantly worked for the single, double face, single face rewinding, and sheet laminating, with tear tape application. This type of line consists of a wet end that makes the task easier during the delivery and laminating section.
  • Offline litho-laminating line: This line is beneficial for producing web-to-web or sheet-to-web laminates. This lining is also used during the laminating & delivery section. But the only thing that differentiates this line from the inline laminating is that it doesn't have any wet ends. The Offline systems are used for sheet laminating, double single face, tear tape, and centerslit applications.
  • Sheet-to-sheet litho-laminating line: This line laminates the section and delivers the litho-laminated board from the sheets of the corrugated carrier.

In conclusion, overall thing, we can say that the litho-laminating line can be termed the single-face corrugator. With this, the user will be unable to carry the single-face rewinding and produce the sheets & single-face reels. This equipment is getting popular in the laminating paper industry because of its superior added value, low-cost manufacturing process, strength, and durability. With this, the user can achieve the best on the carton board.

When choosing the ideal laminating equipment, you should choose an ideal platform. These equipment are highly used for delivering litho-laminating equipment, which is the increasing need of display & packaging manufacturers. Choose one which offers a huge range of outputs with impressive results and uncountable opportunities. Make sure the equipment should offer the highest finishing. 

No matter your budget, you should go with the one that offers production performance & with accurate lamination. So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to fasten up the task of laminating papers? You can search for the best manufacturing litho laminating machine manufacturers online and make a better decision.