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Fengchi-China Master for Flute Paper Laminator

Fengchi-China Master for Flute Paper Laminator

Oct 11, 2022

Dongguan Fengchi Printing Machinery CO,LTD. started business since 2009, who is factory located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China. We specialize in development of post-press machines, including high-speed flute paper laminator and paper stacker. We serve the paper printing & packaging industry such as color boxes and corrugated carton, help solve the manufacturing process of over-gluing laminating and stacking after the post-printing for color cardboard & corrugated cartons.

Fengchi milestone

Fengchi strengths
◆ Only focusing on paper laminator category and breakthrough first patented technology with more intelligent,more stable and more labor-saving
◆ Global after-sale center without after-sale worry 
◆ Completely solving all kinds of manufacturing issues
◆ Reasonable price with fast delivery
Fengchi certificates
Be different from other multi-category equipment company, we only focus on single category of laminating machines and made continuous breakthrough innovations in product speed performance and 30 self-developed patents in past 13 years. All products are strictly granted by CE standard and factory is granted with ISO9001 quality system.

Fengchi Capacities
◆3 workshops with 10 production lines
◆30 R&D engineers over 30 years experiences in printing industry
◆monthly output up to 40 paper flute laminators
◆fast delivery around 5-15 days
◆50 global after-sale team members provide professional technical support and service
◆7Days 24Hours online service

Why choose Fengchi?
Fengchi is a technology-oriented factory with strong R&D team of nearly 30 people with more than 35 years in the printing and packaging industry, half of them are Doctor Degree. Now we have have after-sale office in China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, we aim to build global after-sale center before 2025. Because of the professional design, stable quality, innovative technology, reasonable price and perfect after-sale service, we are top 5 turnover in China for paper laminator machine 2021. You are very worth trying to share the market share of the global paper packaging industry with the only supplier in China that only focus on laminating machines.

Difference between Fengchi and other brands
1.Mechanical part:
Fengchi brand: GW series adopts unique servo vacuum bottom paper feeder, equipped with 7.5KW powerful fan, specially for deformed and warped corrugated papers. The feeder wheel with one-way transmission is Fengchi patent, ensure the paper has not relative friction, can be used at least 3 years without wear and without replacement.
Other brands:They generally use perforated belt way to deliver paper, low adsorption force, cardboard or bending paper delivery is not smooth enough, and easy to wear, normally need to be replaced within one year

Fengchi brand:The outer diameter of steel wheel of Fengchi GW series is 150mm, and the pressure of each wheel can be adjusted independently, so the pressure control of paper is more stable.
Other brands:The steel wheels diameter of other brands on the market normally are 100mm, and the pressure on thick cardboard is sometimes not stable enough.

Fengchi brand:Each wheel is designed with double bearings, and has an automatic oil injection system to ensure longer service life and maintenance-free.
Other brands:The wheel is a single bearing, and can not automatically inject oil.

Fengchi brand:The thickness of the main engine wheel support wall panel of fengchi GW series is 35mm. The larger the machine, the higher the speed, the thicker the wall panel as a support, the more stable.
Other brands:The thickness of the main engine wall panel for other brands is 20mm.

2.Operation part:
Fengchi brand:The full digital operating system only need to set the paper width and length in the operating screen, then system follow-up station automatically complete the balance adjusting more than 20 actions, saving a lot of segmentation transfer time to improve the maximum utilization of equipment and also greatly lower the requirement for operator. The latest pre-stacking structure not only support whole sheet push but also support paper pre-stacking in advance to minimize different order shift time to 3 min.
Other brands:Use traditional mechanical adjustment with high requirement on operator and longer order shift time around 10min

3. Scope of Application:
Fengchi brand:GW series apply for flute  A / B / C / D / E / F and 3,4,5,7 layer thick cardboard,deformed and warped paper.
Other brands:Suitable for good quality paper, for deformed, warped or thicker paper, it is easy for paper jam.