How to buy a suitable paper flute laminator machine?

How to choose paper flute laminator machine?

How to choose paper flute laminator machine?

Nov 03, 2022

I am writing this article to help some customers who don’t have clear mind how to buy suitable paper flute laminator with less money. You could not buy from Fengchi but you’d better know how to choose, to avoid time and money wasting. I briefly talk about the four small standards of buying a paper machine, hope it is helpful for you.

1.Model (Specification): Specification is most important and the first time to determine the model you need. There are diverse specifications and models from different manufacturers. You’d answer the two key questions: 
1.1What’s the maximum paper sheet width? (to choose correct size like model GW1450L means maximum paper width as 1.45m) 
1.2What kind of paper you would laminate, it is cardboard to cardboard or cardboard to corrugated board? (Mostly market demand is cardboard to corrugated board).Our GW series is specially for cardboard to corrugated board(350gsm card board also acceptable) and GE series for both function.

2.Practicality: Buying any product depends on the practicality of the product. Qualified paper flute machine should meet the requirements of efficient production, economic, reasonable and other production requirements. If production output is small, product specifications are small, manual paper machine may be enough. If paper size is big and job is decent, semi-automatic could be OK. If job change often, hard material, high quality requirements of products, then automatic paper machine is best choice. Actually more and more people choose automatic flute laminator even job is not big at beginning as this machine can help them save man power, maintenance cost and create more profit, the machine cost is easily got back around one or two years. Refer to GW series introduction to get more benefits.

3.Brand: Choosing a brand is choosing a manufacturer. A good and strong manufacturer, it is not only include a large production scale, strong technical strength, guaranteed after-sales service, the stable quality, excellent performance, but also include good machine hedge ratio, healthy financial.In recent years, a few old brands closed like Meiguang. The more investigation of financial issue and reputation, the safer. Be lucky that Fengchi is one of very few manufacturers who don’t have loan and grow in healthy and sustainable by 20% sales increase every year.

4.Price: price is one of the reasons why people often hesitate to buy a automatic flute machine. Some customers are new factory, also always worry about the high price bringing a lot of economic pressure, so compare pricing and choose cheaper one finally. But they don’t know the improper machine hold them make more profit. Fengchi is 100% confident and be proud that ZERO complaint received after selling 800 units in GW series. We promise every customer to accept the machine to be taken back if there are manufacturing defects in warranty time.

Finally, I hop every buyer can get desired product from my heart. Feel free to contact us for suggestion no matter you have demand or not.