F series full servo reversing paper take-up machine FZ-1450

FZ series full servo paper flip flop machine FZ-1450

Machine type:FZ–1450
Maximum paper:Width 1450mm x Length 1450mm
Minimum paper:Width 480mm x Length 380mm
Maximum speed:16000 sheets/hour
Machine weight:3800kg
Dimensions:Length 7500mm * Width 2350mm * Height 3200mm
Power supply:380VAC/4P
Gas source:0.8MPa﹥5.5KW


full servo reversing paper take-up machine

Paper turning mechanism:

High-speed silent track is adopted, which is smooth, smooth, silent, wear-free, and has a long life; the flipping servo and the lifting servo electronic cam are locked, and the flipping lifting speed can be adjusted arbitrarily.

Paper Division:

The three-section independent frequency conversion speed regulation mechanism can adjust the speed of each section of the paper according to the thickness of the paper output from the main machine press, and there is enough time space to fully dilute the paper to facilitate the stacking. No matter how fast the main engine is, it will not cause the press paper to accumulate.

full servo reversing paper take-up machine


Control Department:

Simple man-machine interface, only need to input the paper size,-key to adjust the machine, no need to use any tools, one key to start. The equipment adopts operation control technology, so when an abnormal alarm occurs, it can be started directly after the abnormality is eliminated. It does not need to be reset and reset to zero like other equipment. The cumbersome procedure causes the main machine of the laminating machine to stop and wait.

full servo reversing paper take-up machine


Electrical control system:

Adopting the international leading motion control technology, all actions (paper separation, lifting, flipping, pushing paper, paper table lifting) flexible curve control, digital control. Make the whole machine run smoother, faster, more stable, and easier to operate.

full servo reversing paper take-up machine


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