1450 Flute Laminator Machine | Flute Laminator Manufacturer In China

1450 Flute Laminator Machine | Flute Laminator Manufacturer In China

There are two limelights on the laminating paper feeding mechanism, and there is a middle positioning on the laminating paper mechanism. The laminating mechanism is divided into two paper paths. There are wing-shaped spring sheets on both sides, and the middle positioning mechanism is composed of a middle positioning guide block and a lifting mechanism.

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"FENGCHI"  is well-known brand and paper flute laminator master in China and over 30 countries and territories. Europe, South America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa etc.

Strong R&D team by 25 senior engineers over 30 years experience in printing industry. With 30 patents to ensure product more stable, more efficient and durable.

After-sale service and technical assistance: company provides after sales service and technical assistance as per customers' requirement and needs with response within 24 hours.

Cost saving: Full servo digital operating system greatly reduce operator level(normally two primary operator) with manpower saving, 150mm roller with double bearing and auto refueling system make equipment durable and free maintenance. China highest laminating speed at 16,000pcs/hour.

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Dongguan Fengchi Printing Machinery CO.,LTD. started business since 2009 and is a factory specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the ultra-high-speed sheets to sheets laminating/mounting and stacking machines located in Dongguan China, serving the paper packaging industry such as color boxes and corrugated carton, solving the manufacturing process of over-gluing and laminating & stacking after the post-printing of color cardboard & corrugated cartons.

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Advantages of flute laminator

(1) The fully digital operating system automatically adjusts the machine, and the glue digital display automatically adjusts the amount of glue and adjusts the height;
(2) The maximum speed of laminating paper is 16,000 sheets/hour, the highest speed in the country;
(3) Enlarged diameter 150mm drum, double bearing automatic oiling system, maintenance-free equipment;
(4) The leading edge feeding is suitable for various deformed, warped corrugated and cardboard.

What types of flute laminators are generally?

Common laminators are semi-automatic "sheet-to-sheet" laminators -- for single-sided cardboard lamination, partial and full lamination, greyboard partial and full lamination, double-sided label lamination and fenestration -- and Fully linked laminator specially designed for short tile lines for the production of narrow paper.

what does a flute laminator consist of?

The laminating machine is composed of a paper feeding mechanism, a laminating mechanism and a pressing mechanism, which is used for the laminating process.

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We produce machines in batch normally.  So most models we have some in stock, please check with us before ordering.

Yes, we are paper Laminator master from China over 13 years, specialize in paper flute laminator and paper pile turning machines.

Warranty period: 12 months from the shipping date of machine. Warranty will be not valid if machine subject to misuse or accidental damage or operator's error. During the valid time, we will supply spare parts. If you have any other questions, pls contact us and we will reply you through product's photos and videos to make every detail clear. We also provide all lifetime warranty with paid service.

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